Taking Care of Business

Maintaining a clean, inviting environment is vital to ensuring the health and comfort of your customers and employees. You can achieve this goal by enlisting the services of a reputable cleaning company. As one of Florida’s most trusted provider of commercial cleaning services, we offer the quality, dependability, and cutting-edge technology that you deserve. Our licensed and insured specialists are trained to provide five-star janitorial services to clients in virtually every industry. We buff, vacuum, dust, wax floors, and disinfect so that you can devote your energy to running your business.

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ACL Serves an Extensive Range of Commercial Clients

Our cleaning specialists are dedicated to serving the unique needs of Florida’s diverse business community. Whether you require janitorial services for a large resort hotel or a small private school, ACL Cleaning Systems has the tools, resources, and work force needed to give your facility a fresh, sparkling appearance.

Below you will find just a few of the many types of industries that ACL Cleaning Systems serves:

  • Auto Dealerships: Keeping a car dealership’s showroom, lobbies, office space, and bathrooms clean is essential to earning the trust and business of prospective buyers
  • Educational Facilities: Schools, colleges, and learning centers receive heavy foot traffic from students, educators, and administrative staff. Maintaining a clean learning environment is vital to attracting the best educators and students
  • Event Venues: Convention centers, ballrooms, and meeting halls are popular choices for weddings, graduations, and reunions. Attention to cleanliness and detail is often the key to a safe, successful event
  • Financial Institutions: Maintaining a neat, clean workspace is important for banks and credit unions whose customers expect an orderly business environment
  • Government Buildings: Keeping courthouses, civic centers, and other government buildings clean is essential to providing a safe working environment for judges, lawmakers, and other officials
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ offices are frequented by people who are carrying and exposed to diseases, illnesses, and viruses. They require keen attention to detail
  • Hospitality Buildings: Occupying over 4 billion square feet of space nationally, hospitality buildings play a key role in Florida’s tourism industry. Keeping these buildings clean is essential to attracting visitors from across the globe
  • Hotels: A sparkling clean guest environment is vital to a hotel’s success. Clean lobbies, hallways, and meeting areas are imperative to attracting and keeping guests.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Keeping a warehouse environment free of dirt, dust, and debris is a task that is best handled by a professional commercial cleaning crew.
  • Office Buildings: Maintaining a clean workspace is important to maintain morale for the millions of hard-working Floridians; many people often spend as much time at the office as they do at home
  • Places of Worship: Religious and spiritual gathering places such as churches, chapels, should be neat, clean, and free of dust to allow people to devote their full attention to their worship service
  • Retail Establishments: Failure to maintain a clean, safe shopping environment can negatively impact the buying experience and hinder sales. Keeping your store or mall spotless will help you increase your number of repeat customers

Comprehensive Janitorial Services

At ACL Cleaning Systems, our goal is to become your total solution for all of your commercial cleaning requirements. We have therefore invested heavily in training our technicians on the latest cutting-edge cleaning techniques and solutions. Here is a look at some of the many cleaning services we provide:

  • Sweep and Mop: Removing dirt and grime from your floors is one of our specialties. When mopping, we use safe, commercial-grade solutions to ensure that your floors are spotless
  • Vacuum: ACL uses commercial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove dirt and debris from your floors and carpets. Our vacuuming services can help you reduce allergens that lie in your carpet
  • Dust: Our professional dusting services will help keep your business free from dust and allergens allowing your employees and visitors to breathe more easily
  • Remove Trash: Trash removal is one of the many basic but crucial services we provide. Whether you need regularly scheduled trash removal as a part of your office cleaning package, or you need a team to remove trash after a major event, we are here to help you
  • Clean Restrooms: The ACL team recognizes that roughly 30% of customers will never return to your business if they encounter a dirty restroom. Making toilets, sinks, and urinals shine is our specialty!
  • Disinfect Surfaces: ACL’s professional disinfecting services will help you rest knowing that your facility is not just clean, but also sanitized. We use safe but effective disinfecting solutions to achieve this goal
  • Strip and Wax Floors: Renewing your old floors or applying a wax finish to your new floors is just one of the many ways we can help breathe life into your facility. Ask us about the host of stripping and waxing services we provide
  • Buff Floors: ACL has the professional equipment required to remove unsightly scratches and scuffs from your floors

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Software

ACL Cleaning Systems utilizes sophisticated software to ensure your facility is thoroughly cleaned. By using CompuClean Management Software, the ACL team is able to offer the following benefits to customers:

  • Accurate documentation of each cleaning job
  • Seamless scheduling and tracking of cleaning projects
  • Real-time updates on cleaning projects
  • Superb inventory management to ensure that cleaning crews always have the tools they need

Top Commercial Cleaning Company

In addition to our host of services and unparalleled efficiency, ACL Cleaning Systems goes beyond the call of duty to exceed customer expectations. Our employees are carefully screened and trained to give our customers peace of mind they seek when choosing a commercial cleaning provider. Here are just a few reasons why ACL is trusted by many of south Florida’s businesses for their commercial cleaning service:

  • ACL responds to your inquiries 24/7
  • We offer next day service
  • ACL will personally handle all of your cleaning needs; we do not outsource our cleaning services
  • We always do our best to accommodate your schedule
  • ACL performs criminal background checks on all employees
  • Cleaning staff is supervised at all times
  • We are fully licensed and insured

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can transform your facility. Our commercial cleaning specialists have worked to keep Florida’s schools, healthcare facilities, businesses, and government buildings in immaculate condition. We look forward to becoming your single source for all of your commercial cleaning needs.