Your office space may look clean but airborne contaminants and allergens can still have a huge impact on the health of both your customers and your employees. ACL Cleaning Systems improves your air quality by cleaning your entire duct system. We also remove the tiny particles of grime from the registers and grills as part of our commercial duct cleaning service.


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Don't Ignore the Signs

Your facilities manager is probably keenly aware of the need to properly maintain your commercial air duct system, particularly if you’re in an industry that requires more frequent maintenance. On average, commercial ductwork should be cleaned every three to five years. Some indications that it’s time to clean the ducts include:

Buildup of Debris

You notice dirt buildup when you have the vent cover or grille off to perform other maintenance and repairs on your system.

Increased Complaints

If customers or employees begin to complain about the air quality and its possible effects on their health, it’s definitely an issue to take seriously.

Sophisticated Operations

Some commercial environments, such as technology or pharmaceuticals, have a higher air-quality standard and may require more frequent inspections and cleanings.

Reasons to Clean Your Ducts


Improved Efficiency

By keeping your commercial air ducts on a regular cleaning maintenance program, you improve both the efficiency and life of your HVAC unit. When ductwork accumulates dirt, it may also overload filters, which can cause the air handler to work harder. It also contributes to the blockage of proper air flow in the reheat coils as well as the commercial HVAC system’s terminal boxes.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) conducted a field test to measure various air conditioning units’ performance before and after duct cleaning. While there were a number of factors that contributed to each unit’s ability to function, which included “how dirty the system was, [cleaning accessibility], and geographical area,” cleaning the units “made significant improvements.” Duct cleaning alone accounted for an average increase of 6.9% performance upgrade.


Improved Air Quality

Air ducts can collect contaminants and allergens over the course of time. These impurities are then pulled into your HVAC system, and it’s then re-circulated through the system and into the air you breathe. The dust and debris are released through the supply registers.

Although a buildup of dust and debris doesn’t necessarily mean your business’s air is unhealthy, it may contribute to serious health issues that can cause problems for people with autoimmune disorders, respiratory ailments, and environmental allergies.  Contaminants can lead to an unhealthy indoor environment if certain conditions are left untreated. At its worst, an air duct system can accumulate mold. With our humid climate, South Florida can be particularly susceptible to mold issues. There may also be evidence of rodent or insect infestation.


Remove Unpleasant Odors

By keeping your commercial HVAC system’s ductwork free of any pollutant buildup, you also maintain an odor-free environment. Unpleasant odors may linger inside the ducts where the contaminants have built up, but they are also circulated throughout your building in a continuous flow.

ACL Cleaning Systems has performed a variety of HVAC systems cleaning projects in many different facilities. Some of the businesses we’ve assisted include manufacturing facilities, universities, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. We can help improve the air you breathe at work with commercial duct cleaning.


The ACL Advantage

Each member of our ACL air duct cleaning team is certified and thoroughly trained to meet the demanding industry standards set by NADCA. Before we even begin an air duct maintenance program, we first thoroughly inspect the system and inform you of our recommendations.

We use a state-of-the-art cleaning system that includes a HEPA-Aire vacuum in order to remove the harmful contaminants found in the ductwork. It’s safely transferred from your environment to the filtration system where the harmful effects are removed. The ductwork, air handlers, and cleaning coils are thoroughly cleaned with ACL’s advanced brush cleaning procedure.

If you have questions about the procedure or best course of action for your specific business, send us an email or call (954) 933-3174 for more information, or simply complete our online request form. We’ll be happy to inspect your premises as a complimentary service and answer any questions. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


We Work with Your Schedule

We understand that time is money, and that’s why ACL offers a flexible schedule for cleaning your business’s ductwork. We endeavor to minimize the disruption to your productivity by offering after-hours and weekend schedules. You let us know when you need us, and we’ll be there.

We approach each situation carefully to ensure that the duct placement and our cleaning crew are placed outside of your employee and operation schedule. Depending on your particular situation, it may be necessary to accommodate a temporary phased relocation schedule while our maintenance crew provides the necessary service, so we don’t affect your employees’ health and productivity.


Full-Service Cleaning

We offer a full complement of commercial cleaning services designed to improve the quality of your work environment. If you’re relocating, you might want to consider our Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Program to take the additional stress out of your move. We also provide a regular janitorial package to maintain a clean environment. When you’re at the point of needing more in-depth maintenance, consider ACL Cleaning Services for carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, and a thorough tile and grout scrub. Whatever your company needs in the way of a commercial cleaning service, ACL is ready to assist you and exceed your expectations.